DAT01 - Upload print file. This will be separated, counted and sent back to you with counts for simplex and duplex.


Product Description

This option separates multiple letters with multiple pages in your print file.

For example  if you have two types of letters in your file, one a single sided letter and one a double sided letter all mixed together, this can be separated so that all single sided are together and all double sided are together.

Once you have uploaded your file to the website, you will then receive counts of how many single sided letters there are in your print file and how many double sided letters there are. These will then be separated into two files. You can then put through the single sided and double sideded letters online (using product DMLETT1 for single sided and product DMLETT2 for double sided) using the counts emailed to you from this service.  

This will help work out the most efficient cost for you to print and post these items as well as saving you time and work.


Postage and printing not included

Maximum file size: 98 MB
Maximum file size: 98 MB